Why Use C Panel Web Hosting?

C Panel is a user control panel provided by many of today’s top web hosting companies that allows you to maintain your web sites easily. The operating system is easy to use and requires only basic computer skills to operate.

It includes some great time saving features, a few of which are described below.

Site Tools

The tools that are available to use within c Panel can make managing your websites a cinch. You can activate front page extensions, manage the files on your server with file manager, create re-directs, customize 404 error pages and install scripts through fantastic  at the click of your mouse.


Each domain account will automatically create an FTP account for that domain, but you can also create additional accounts (useful for outsourcing script installations) and change passwords. This gives you the flexibility to upload and download files to your web hosting account.


Setup c Panel to run backups of your files and download them for safe keeping in case hackers attack your site or disaster strikes your hosting server. You can easily reinstall your backup through c Panel.


There are several different tools available in c Panel, Aw stats and Web equalizer are just two of them that can provide an array of stats for your website. These can show the number of page views, unique visitors, error logs, keywords used to find your pages, where your visitors come from (website and country) and bandwidth use. This can be broken down into daily figures if you want to go that deep into your stats.


Control and manage email accounts associated with your domains, including forwarding to another email address such as Gmail, manage mailing lists, setting up auto replies to received mail and spam filters.

Additional Tools

In c Panel you can add sub domains to your website easily enough or add additional domains that you have purchased. You can set cron jobs to run and automate regular tasks that need to be run on your domain. Create and access MySQL databases.

If you have fantastico then there are a number of valuable scripts that can be installed quickly and easily on your domain at the push of a button. These include bulletin boards, blogs/CMS, helpdesk, guestbooks and many more.

If you are new to web hosting then look for one that has cPanel, its pretty much the standard these days. There are plenty of tutorials on the web if you get stuck and it will make life easier for you in the long run.


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