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When starting an online business there are many things you need to put in place and even more to learn. Some will cost you nothing and some things you will need to invest in, consider this as an investment in your future and don’t be disappointed if you fail to realize a return on your investment in the first 30 days.


Make sure that your website is user friendly, installing a word press blog on your web hosting takes a lot of the hassle out of setting up your website. You still need to make sure that your content has good readable text, includes relevant tags and is interesting to your visitors, all your links use anchor text and that you test them to make sure they are working correctly.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) allows you to use a strategy to get your website ranked in the search engines such as Google. SEO requires the use of keywords and keyword phrases which help you achieve these rankings and this is very easily accomplished with word press and the use of plugins which are easily installed.

Your strategy needs to include consideration of your web hosting plan. Poor web hosting can see your website offline more than on making your SEO strategy useless. So consider the following points when choosing your web hosting plan.

There are two options open to you, free hosting or paid hosting

The common problem with free hosting is that you are not in full control of your of your website, and it can be closed down at any time. The host will often include their own advertising on your website, this is how they make their money and can afford to offer free hosting. These adverts can have a detrimental effect on your business as these adverts will not be targeted to the topic of your site and will result in turning off your readers.

Key issues to consider

If you are not comfortable with free hosting then you should consider investing in web hosting for your websites. Some of the hings you need to take into consideration are the number of domains you can host, how much server space is included and the amount of monthly bandwidth allowed. Server space and bandwidth is important if you are hosting videos on your website as they can take up a lot of your monthly allowance if your website receives a lot of visitors.

Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO) provide re seller hosting with c Panel control, unlimited bandwidth and plenty of server space for delivering video content. They also provide many other additional tools that you would normally expect to pay for. Training, Lead generating system, Video production facility, Downtime Witness and your own conference suite.


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